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Veteran placing name on the car.         Total time picking and plucking, laying out the guidelines and placing on the names is well over 500 hours.

Americal Division and the First Air Cav sharing some good times at the reunion after placing   POW * MIA names on the car

Americal Combat Veterans Phil "Baby Ranger" Verley, Dennis Loop and Dan Gagen sharing a few laughs during the reunion.

The POW*MIA Car builders and helpers

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Max Loffgren tells the story of painting the POW MIA Car

In 2003 we were re-painting the POW MIA Tribute Car for the second time in Max Loffgren’s garage. The first time was in 1993.  The process of picking and plucking the centers of the A,B,D,O,P,Q and R had to be done BEFORE we could transfer a single name onto the car.  Well over 500 hours was needed to complete the transfer.


Each letter was a 1/4" in size and each name was 1/4" apart.  Lines were spaced at 3/8" so it was pretty tight and crowded.  The idea was to keep the names as far up on the side of the car so no one (especially the elderly)  would have to kneel down to read a name.


We painstakingly placed the vinyl letters on the car and clear coated over them.  When people touch a name they would feel the raised letters and touch the individual names.


There are 3,578 names on the POW MIA Car representing years 1952 through 1975.  People ask about the names from 1952 names saying " We were in Korea at the time”.  That is true... but there were men in Vietnam as Advisors before things got going in 1959.